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  Help at a Local Branch

Look How Much Fun We Have!

Many branch libraries have Friends of the Library groups that

conduct book sales and host interesting events that support that library.

Joining your local Branch Friends does not mean additional dues; instead, joining just means added support and participation.  Joining the branch friends nearest you is a great way to be more connected to your community, make friends, and have fun while giving back!

These PPLD Branches have active, supportive Friends groups:

Calhan, Cheyenne Mountain, Fountain, High Prairie, Old Colorado City, Rockrimmon, Ruth Holley, Sand Creek, Tri-Lakes for Monument and Palmer Lake, and Ute Pass

Click here if you consider East, Penrose or Library 21c your local branch!

What Branch Friends Do:

  1. Meet regularly and elect officers if large enough. 
    (Check the calendar.)

  2. Maintain individual book sales and display walls or nooks.

  3. Process book donations.

  4. Support branch programs and facility needs.

  5. Plan appreciation and celebration events for staff.

  6. Preserve and embellish a community relationship with the staff and with PPLD.

  7. Provide an avenue for community service and enrichment.

  8. Advocate for the branch services.

Help Wanted!  Your local branch may be in desperate need of your help!
To learn more about serving your local branch, please send us a

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