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Welcome to the Friends of PPLD's Community Corner where members, patrons and the people of the Pikes Peak region can have fun engaging in contests, sharing ideas and enjoying each other's online company. Feel free to share our Community Corner's activities with your family and friends. The more the merrier!

And please take a minute to scroll thru the slideshow. It showcases fun happenings at the various branches in the district!

If you would like to submit pictures from your branch, please send them to and don't forget to give us a couple sentences about the picture.

Barr Trail.jpg

Did you know there are 13 state parks in Colorado?

Summer is a wonderful time to get out, explore and create great memories.
In fact, we bet you have some awesome memories of hiking, camping, rafting, kayaking or other outdoor fun activities.

We want to hear about your memories! It's time for you to put on your Travel Writer hat and send in your favorite memory. We will post your stories below for others to enjoy and possibly get inspired from. (Don't worry, we will only list your first name next to your story - we, too, value your confidentiality.) If possible, we would LOVE to get a pic to accompany your story - but it isn't required.

From June 10 to July 10 we will gather stories. Everyone who submits will be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous XXX from Colorado State Park. The winner will be announce mid July.

We can't wait to hear your stories!

Camping with SJ.JPG

Garfield and Camping

Submitted by Meg S

When my son was younger, money was pretty tight. It was important to me though that he had happy memories so we looked for inexpensive ways to have adventures. One of our favorite things to do was go to the library, check out a giant stack of comic books (Garfield was our favorite) and hit the road.  We would take the books, a couple of sleeping bags and a tent into the mountains. After a day of hiking and exploring, we would crawl into out sleeping bags with flashlights in hand. We would spend hours reading the comic books together. To this day, he and I love comics! I can't wait to start this tradition up with my grandson!

Glittering Aspen Leaves

Submitted by Beth G

I lived in the Washington DC metro area much of my life and autumn is my favorite time of year. After moving to Colorado, I yearned for the reds, oranges, and golds of fall leaves. A trip to Mueller State Park in all its Colorado Gold glory with its masses of fluttering glittering Aspen leaves filled my longing. Since that experience I have visited many of Colorado’s State Parks and am grateful we have so many gems in our state we can all share.

Mueller State Park.JPG

Hooray for Ouray!

Submitted by Mary Pat

Have you been to Ouray, CO yet?? What are you waiting for? A delightful small town with 2 paved roads, hiking trails galore, surrounded on 3 sides by mountain peaks- and the best is the public hot springs in the middle of town. We actually went in late April- the "off season" so lots of room in the hot spring pools (4 to chose from). Must admit we didn't try the coldest one, since it was only 70 degrees out- but some people were doing laps. Then there are the hot springs in some of the fancy town hotels too. A beautiful drive of 6 hours from Colorado Springs- down to Canon City and west of Highway 50.

Amazing Parks in Our Own Back Yard

Submitted by Andrea R.

This summer was the first time I took my kids to the East Library and decided to wander around the flowers. Low and behold, there is a huge amazing park right behind the library. We spent the next hour wandering the path doing each page of I spy, running in the grass and petting dogs our for their walks. It was the most wonderful surprise outing for us. 10 out of 10 would definitely do again!

Geroge Fellows Park.jpg


Branch Friends Forever!!!

And PPLD's Branch Friends are the best! Scroll thru to see what they are up to.

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