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In the thriving Pikes Peak homeschool community, PPLD hosted a Homeschool Resource Fair on April 7th. Knowing the importance of this event, happily, the Friends of PPLD were able to financially sponsor the fair. Nearly 1000 attendees came to learn about the resources and services that are available to the homeschool families in our community.

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The Friends took center stage as guests arrived by providing free facepainting, coloring books and stickers. The theme was "bees!" as Friends volunteers stressed the importance for the kids (and parents) to "bee" friends of the library.

Resource Fair Sponsored by the Friends of PPLD

Are You Exploring Book Browse?

Recently, the Friends sponsored an amazing new resource for all PPLD card-holding members called BookBrowse. This is an online magazine and website that provides book reviews, author interviews, book previews, and reading guides. A tool that no book-lover should be without.

Fair warning though: browsing BookBrowse is addictive and with so many tools, books and insights you can get lost for hours!

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Why Be A Friend? The Friends help the library 
offer all the programs and resources that you love!

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