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Friends' events and programs attract hundreds of attendees every year!

Event Sponsors benefit from online and print recognition before, during and after the event.

Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District is a 501(c)(3) organization and can offer deductible status to sponsorships.

For more information, or to become a sponsor, click the button below!

2024 Literary Awards

Literary Awards

The annual luncheon recognizes outstanding literary contributions of both a regional and a local author.

Audiences vary in size between 100 and 300 attendees.

The banquet provides a program of interest and writing experience to the audience.

Promotion and outreach are given to library patrons, Friends, and book clubs around the city.

Friends invite you to take a seat at the head table.

Community Benefits

Partnering with this energetic support organization offers the community:

Engaging Programs involving 50,000 or more citizens each year.

Promotion for reading literacy to citizens of all ages.

Friends' support assures citizens that libraries remain free and open to all users.

Healthy branches in all neighborhoods and principalities in the entire

El Paso county.

Staff training to improve service and efficiency around the entire Pikes Peak Library District.

Funds are provided to each library in the district to support their individual community.

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